Travel organization

Do everything right…

Modern employees know a lot about service and technology - when they go on a business trip, they expect undivided attention from you and an instant reaction if something goes wrong. It is not easy to justify these hopes. But Soft Way solves the problem by providing clients with a powerful online platform and a professional support team. We are a business travel agency: we organize business trips for your company so that each one reaches its goal!

We do not just issue tickets - we provide a full-fledged travel management support. 

Use the modern booking system and get the support of experienced managers. 

We offer: 

  • the best tariffs from all booking systems available on the market; 
  • reduction of the average cost of the service up to 20%; 
  • direct contracts in one window; 
  • transfer companies, taxi services; 
  • VIP escort at airports, rental of business lounges and meeting rooms; 
  • visa, migration and insurance support; 
  • translation and excursion services; 
  • automatic application of bonus and mile cards, tripartite agreements and corporate loyalty programs. 

Now your employees will be able to travel with comfort on business trips, while remaining within budget and at the peak of their professional form! 

Control and optimization of travel expenses

Use the secret weapon... 

Employees do not like being restricted and controlled. Some sabotage the rules because they are pursuing personal gain. Others are offended by the distrust on the part of the employer. And still others simply do not have time for bureaucratic red tape. That is why it is so difficult for companies to choose a control model that will simultaneously allow them to completely control the situation and not lose the loyalty of employees. 

Business travel agency Soft Way provides clients with a convenient online booking system, as well as the possibility to automate the travel policy and travel coordination:

  • Our online system chooses the best tariffs based on the given budget restrictions, restrictions on booking classes and others.
  • The system automatically detects trips, the cost or expediency of which is in doubt. And then sends an additional request for approval to the responsible person. 

Delicate controls help increase regulations compliance level by up to 95% and reduce your travel budget by 30%, while maintaining comfort and increasing productivity of business trips. 

Can you help us make your business trips an effective business tool? 

Reporting and analytics system

Act wisely...

Business loves numbers, therefore we provide detailed reports and travel analytics to help you understand how appropriately your budget is being spent and how to make your trips even more productive:

  • reports on violation of the travel policy and the choice of a non-minimum tariff with reason codes for each employee; 
  • balance of expenses for cost centers with notification of the approaching limit; 
  • reports on the service quality and satisfaction of employees with trips;
  • statistics by suppliers; 
  • realized savings under tripartite agreements

… and dozens of other reports that help make travel an effective business tool! 

You will be able to see how employees plan business trips, how corporate regulations are followed, due to which you can reduce the cost of services, how suppliers fulfill their obligations, whether employees are satisfied with their working conditions while traveling, and much more.

But the most important thing is that with us you will be able to improve these indices!

Business travel consulting

Knowledge is power. Use our knowledge and become stronger...

Business cannot but respond to changes taking place in the world, therefore, working with a travel program is a continuous process of adaptation to changing market conditions. It is important that the travel partner be able to support this process and provide the necessary tools at the right time.

We offer clients the ideal combination of extensive experience in creating technological solutions for the travel industry and deep knowledge of corporate travel management:

  • A comprehensive analysis of expenses for business trips: we form an optimal pool of suppliers, minimize losses associated with exchanges and returns of tickets, adjust travel policy limits, evaluate the potential for savings and efficiency of business trips.
  • Strategy development, fixation and monitoring of key performance indicators: we offer a clear algorithm of actions to implement savings and increase the efficiency of business trips. 
  • Continuous process of improving the travel program: we provide expert data analysis, compare results with the best practices on the market, review contracts and distribution of volumes between priority suppliers, conduct training sessions and consultations.

From strategy development to result management, we have everything you need to realize the most ambitious ideas!

Travel risk management

Protect your business…

Business trips create new business opportunities. And at the same time, they make it vulnerable. Sometimes a company's reputation depends on a random coincidence of circumstances: a suddenly discovered technical malfunction of an aircraft, weather conditions, geopolitical conflicts or natural disasters. Therefore, it is so important to be able to prevent such risks and be able to quickly resolve any problems that arise along the way of employees.

 We always know where the business travelers entrusted to us are, inform our clients about possible obstacles along the way, promptly resolve problems with suppliers and, if necessary, coordinate communication with rescue services.

You can rely on us.

Suppliers’ management

Get expert support

When discussing corporate contracts with end suppliers, it is important to objectively evaluate your own capabilities: too optimistic forecasts can create inflated expectations of colleagues and management, and excessive skepticism can prevent you from realizing the existing potential. Our attention to details and genuine professional curiosity will not let you get into an awkward situation. Here's what we will do: 

We will determine the pool of suppliers suitable for your company

  • Not all suppliers can provide favorable tariffs and at the same time meet the needs of employees. We will help you collect information and do a detailed analysis of the data in order to understand who it is beneficial to work with for you.

We will analyze the possibilities of applying the proposed discounts

  • When developing offers, suppliers do not take into account the travel policy and purchasing habits of employees. We will help you collate data, calculate demand for each supplier, and evaluate the frequency of application of the proposed discounts. 

We will control the implementation of the planned volumes

  • In Soft Way, all agreed tariffs are applied automatically. This means that your discounts will not be lost due to forgetfulness or an agent's mistake when entering data.

We will help you get the most out of your relationships with suppliers

  • We will collect all the necessary statistics for you and develop report forms for regular analysis. We will help to identify and eliminate the risks of non-fulfillment of the planned volumes. And at the first opportunity, we will initiate a revision of the contract terms towards more favorable ones.

Transition to online: the formation of business trips of a full cycle takes an average of 12 minutes 

Thanks to the online system settings, costs are posted directly to departmental/site cost centers

Accurate business trip data for each site is displayed in online reports and quarterly presentations 

Possibility to reduce the average cost of the service by 30%

Planning the annual budget and adjusting the travel program according to the recommendations of Soft Way analysts

All closing documents go through Soft Way

Do you want to achieve the same results? 

Soft Way is a new generation business travel agency

We have everything to make your company's business trips truly effective: 24/7 support, our own online booking system, expertise (20+ years of top management experience on the business travel market) and a sincere desire to help!